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St. Paul Radiology
St. Paul Radiology is a private medical practice of subspecialty-trained and experienced radiologists, serving East Metro, Western Wisconsin and surrounding communities. Our mission is to provide high quality imaging and other radiology services that exceed the expectations of our patients, their families, the physicians that refer patients to us, and the hospitals we serve. Working at outpatient imaging centers and area hospitals and clinics, St. Paul Radiology’s talented physicians provide 24/7 service, 365 days a year, including final interpretations of all imaging studies, interventional procedures, consultations, and comprehensive radiology support services. Subspecialties offered include: Body Imaging, Breast Imaging, General Radiology, Interventional Radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Neuroradiology, Neuro Interventional Radiology, Pediatric Radiology, PET Imaging, Spine, Pain Management Injections and Vein Disease services. More Info.
98% Patient Satisfaction
Our mission has always been to exceed the expectations of both referring physicians and patients. In an onging survey of over 9,000 patients, more than 98% said they were very pleased with their experience. More Info.
Breast Imaging
Breast imaging is devoted to the diagnosis of disease of the breast. SPR radiologists commonly interpret screening and diagnostic mammography, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In addition, these radiologists routinely perform procedures in the breast, including needle biopsies (stereotactic, ultrasound or MRI guided) wire localization and ductography. The American Cancer Society believes the use of regular mammograms, MRI (in women at high risk), clinical breast exams, and finding and reporting breast changes early, offers women the best chance for reducing the risk of being diagnosed with an advanced breast cancer. Don't delay, schedule your screening mammogram today! More Info.
33.8% Less Radiation
Now St. Paul Radiology has an option for patients who are concerned about levels of radiation associated with PET/CT scans. Our downtown clinic now offers the innovative new Intego PET Infusion System that determines the dose of radioactive solution (FDG) injected into the patient based on their weight, reducing radiation dose by up to 33.8%. You get exactly the dose you need – no more – every time you get a diagnostic PET scan. The new Intego system, the first in the area, is part of St. Paul Radiology’s commitment to patient care. More Info.
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